Personal Training Attain your personal fitness goals

Would you like to work on your fitness, health and a fitter body? Are you struggling to stay committed to your training and in need of someone who will help you reach your fitness goals? Don't hesitate to get in touch! Together we will work towards your goals.

Get in shape. Stop wishing, Start doing!

Nutrition Advice Nutrition and exercise in balance

Want to get in shape, lose weight, build condition, and feel more comfortable in your skin? Are you tired of fighting off those extra pounds? Want to stay a healthy weight and still eat normally? You can! By becoming aware of what you eat, how you eat and how to excercise correctly. I can help you as your personal coach! It is important to supply the body with proper nutrition and train in the right way. Everybody's physiology is different so together will tailor a diet and exercise regime that best suits you and your goal.

In short, start today and achieve your fitness goals!

Andullation Therapy Natural tool against (pain) complaints

Andullation therapy is a natural tool to help decrease (pain)symptoms of diseases such as stress, fatigue, arthritis, disc herniation and back pain. Using this form of therapy includes an innovative technique involving 'Andumedic' , a mattress equipped with infrared heat and the latest technology, for vibration massage to stimulate the muscles and circulation.

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